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Dedicated to giving practices the help they need through access to 1,000’s of name brand products and equipment. We add value to your practice to help providers concentrate on patient care. We partnered with 1st Source Medical Supply, Supporting physicians and patients with their individual needs in mind, to be your single point of contact. Call us for quote today or complete the information below for fast response.

Our company, MDR™, has strategically partnered with an innovative group of organizations that have come together to create a proprietary “synergistic” business model focused on optimizing the “total spend” of physicians and their ancillary investments (i.e., ASCs, Imaging Centers, Labs, Urgent Care Centers, Surgical Hospitals, etc.). Expected significant money savings out of the gate with consolidated supply chain streamlining. This service offers leveraged prices and strategic pricing tiers and dedicated specialty and customized contracts in partnership with a national Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). Not only providing data and insights to help streamline the purchasing process, but transparency with detailed data and analysis on purchasing practices and costs. This identifies opportunities to save even more. Direct-to-manufacturer pricing with no membership fees and a no-cost saving analysis for your practice.