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Healthcare and rehab solutions for your practice and your patient

We service the needs of providers and the needs of their patients. From medication management tools, new technology in infectious disease pathogen identification, to specialized medical devices, practice revenue generating product lines, and customer care innovations, we can elevate your practice into a new level of patient care. We keep your practice and your patients healthy through innovative patient diagnostic testing; take-home products and procedures in your practice; and quick turn-around lab testing and screenings in wellness, cancer, genetics and allergies. The Professional Component of your practice is important. Click below to view


CanyonMD encompasses many innovative solutions which ensure that physicians are able to provide the best healthcare in the most cost efficient way while optimizing revenues and profitability. Our services and dedication set us apart to help physicians gain control of their practice and enjoy seeing patients again. These great results are derived from the combination of our advanced technology and our well trained support team who are committed to the success of a physician’s practice.

We also offer the best in purchasing of supplies, equipment and patient care products for your practice with Medical Supply Resources and a collaborative purchasing network of 15% to 30% off medical/surgical supplies and 10%-50% off other supplies, including some DME needs for your patients. Click below, we invite you to answer discovery questions for a no obligation and no pressure quote. Decreasing your cost of doing business is easy.

For your patients, reliable innovative service ensures the right referral of DME and orthopedic rehab equipment for the patient, the area and the insurance coverage. Click below to submit the correct written order for your patient’s needs. We send it directly to the DME provider required to get the equipment, alleviating the tedious work for your staff.

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